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How to use the editor?

Privacy Policy Bar is seamlessly bundled with the same editor you use to write and edit your posts and pages. Though, we have implemented some features to enhance the functionality of the bar and allow your to redirect the user to a new page when it clicks on call-to-action button.

To edit the content of the bar, head over Settings and click on Privacy Policy Bar. Here, click on Content tab.


Basically, we have implemented three shortcodes:

  • {{accept "text" "url"}} creates a new cookie to track user’s opt-in action.
  • {{decline "text" "url"}} sends an AJAX request to WP which should clear all the cookies on the same domain once clicked.
  • {{more "text" "url"}} is just a simple anchor link that will just redirect to the specified URL once clicked.

Note: text is the text of the anchor and url is the URL it will redirect once clicked. Use “#” to stay on the same page and don’t redirect e.g.: {{accept “Accept the policy” “#”}}.

You can still use WordPress’ editor color functions and font sizing. It will just display what you see.

Once you finished editing, just hit the check mark at bottom left and you’re done! Options saved!

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