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Customize the design

Privacy Policy Bar comes with a simple options panel that will let you customize easily background and text color and also add your own CSS rules.

To customize the bar, head over Settings and click on Privacy Policy Bar.


Here you’ll find some inputs:

  • Bar position: a switch that controls bar’s position. By default it’s turned off (top bar). Turning it on, will move the bar to the bottom.
  • Bar background color: an input that will set up the background of the bar. Clicking on it will open a color picker to help you choose a color. You can also put a HEX value like #fff. It will just do what you say.
  • Bar text color: an input that manages the text color (with a color picker as well!).
  • Custom CSS: an area where you can add your own CSS rules.

Once you finished editing, just hit the check mark at bottom left and you’re done! Options saved!

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