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How do I use shortcodes?

Shortcodes are simple. When you’re editing a post, make sure you’re using the Visual Editor. This editor allow you to see the shortcode button . By clicking it, you’ll see a dropdown menu where you can select the element you want to insert. When you select a shortcode, a popup will appear and you’ll just have to fill in the inputs and click the blue “Ok” button to insert them in your post.

Using Texual Editor? No problem!

You can use the shortcode where you want by simply writing the code by yourself. Here’s an example for a cool button:

[button type="primary" size="large" badge="badge text" badge_color="primary" url="button link"]Button content[/button]

Button’s type can be regular, primary, secondary, subtle or link. The size can be regular, small, large or massive. Badge colors can be regular, primary, secondary, subtle or blank.

Column shortcodes are also easy:

[column width="column width in words" classes="custom class(es)"]

The width of the column is written in words like one, two, six, twelve. To remove column’s margins just add no-margin="true" to the shortcode.


A label is easy as

[label type="error"]Label content[/label]

Label’s type can be primary, secondary, subtle, error, blank or nofrill.

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